Internet Usage by Children during Community Library Hours


The student computers at the Marion Community Library have filters to comply with CIPA regulations. Nevertheless, there are many inappropriate sites that children can access on the internet, even on the student computers. While the library staff will monitor computer usage, they cannot be responsible for sites visited by unattended children on the computers.


Policy statement:


  • Children must use their own earphones when listening to music or other sound tracks on the internet.

  • Again, the Library complies with all federal, state, and municipal laws governing the use of computers in libraries, including the guidelines established by the Children’s internet Protection Act (CIPA) in order to be compliant and to be eligible for grants.


 Policy of Unattended Children and Disruptive Behavior


The Marion Community Library welcomes kids of all ages to come enjoy all that the library has to offer. Staff members are committed:


  • To helping children find materials for school work and recreational reading

  • To providing a quiet environment that is conducive to reading and study


Staff members are also committed to providing an environment that is safe for kids. However, we are not equipped or licensed to provide basic child care for children that are in the library without their parents. Parents should consider the safety and well-being of their children and the needs of other patrons of all ages.


Policy Statement:


  • Parents may not leave children under age seven unattended in the library. The presence of a big brother or sister is not considered being attended.

  • Children between the ages of seven and fourteen should not be left unattended for extended periods of time or at closing time.

  • Children waiting after school will remain inside the library, read or work on the computer quietly, and wait for parents to come inside to get them.


Children who consistently break these rules, require redirection, or engage in unreasonable noise or boisterous behavior on multiple occasions, may be asked to find another location to wait for their parents after school. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior in the library, whether or not the parent is present.

Loan Periods for Library Materials:


  • Books: 2 weeks

  • Audiobooks: 2 weeks

  • Videos: 1 week

  • Video Games: 1 week


Checkout Limits:


  • Adults: 10 items after two successful 5x check out periods.

  • High School Students: 3 items (only 2 videos/video games)

  • Middle School Student: 3 items (1 video/video game)

  • Community Juvenile: 2 items (1 video/video game)

  • Elem. 3rd-5th: 2 items (1 video/video game)

  • Pre K-2nd: 1 item


Overdue Fines:


  • Books: 10¢ per day

  • Audiobooks: 10¢ per day Videos/Video Games: $1.00 per day




  • Copy Machine: 10¢ per page for black and white

  • Computer Printouts: 10¢ per page for black and white

  • Color Copies: $1.00 per page

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